It’s not rocket science!


When NASA decided to send a man to outer space, I was very excited. What can possibly cause so much excitement to the man kind than to step on the soil of outer space. When the honey moon period of the excitement worned out, the reality finally sinked in. How could they possibly send someone up there? And how are they planning to achieve such a strenuous task?

Since there were no pit stops and subways in the outer space (yet), the major problem was how to resolve this and how to start the engine from there and how to make the rocket connect to the Earth’s national highway and finally how to find our way back to Earth! With this mind blogging problem in place, the NASA’s renowned engineers laid out the plan. This time they were very specific not to get caught in using the pencil or an anti gravity ink pen in space conundrum. Instead, their solution was very simple. Just don’t bring the man back to Earth. Leave him there with some supplies of food and let him do the research until the food supplies deplete and let him die in a no man’s land. The man gets the privilege of sacrificing his life for a scientific cause and his family gets paid a huge amount for his loss. Viola! The solution was made! And when I first heard about this, I thought this indeed was a better solution as a permanent solution would take decades to come and yeah one person’s sacrifice for the benefit of humanity always stands out! And I was definitely fired and geared up about this!

A few days back, I read an article stating of a young girl battling cancer and fighting over the right of wanting mercy killing finally killed herself unable to withstand the mental agony and pain of battling with cancer!

Both the situations are completely the same. A healthy individual want to commit suicide for the benefit of science and an unhealthy individual want to commit suicide unable to bear the torture of the painful scientific treatments. And my outlook towards the same science is still “Go! NASA!” and “Grr! Anti-mercy killing!”

When I was thinking more about it, I couldn’t help but think of my double standards here. I’m ok to accept that few individual’s life can be terminated for the benefit of several human beings (in terms of drug testing or even in the case of NASA). But I wouldn’t like and support the fact that an individual wanting to have a legal right to terminate his or her life! And this too for the only reason of finding mental peace from excruciating pain!

I don’t understand. Why it is always thought the greater minds who do not have their skin in the game can always be better decision makers than the individuals (and their families) who are actually living through the situation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?? May be, it’s just not rocket science and so it just doesn’t matter!!