A better leader?


When I was reading accounts of various wars that had happened in the past, this particular piece invoked my curiosity. Whenever the wars were happening and the camp had to be stored in one place so as to wait for the right moment to kick start their fight, the team got separated into smaller chunks and they either go for hunting or they have a fight among themselves. This was just to kill the pain of boredom and to keep the team spirits high.

This was a matter of life or death to them. Their goal was much bigger than I could ever dream of. Be it wanting a free nation or expanding their territory, their leaders and heads very well knew of the boredom that can encompass human mind and practiced so many strategies so that the human mind is very well ignited and in a better state always.

And these accounts are from the people of the past whom we happily call as brutal killers. These warriors did pretty much the same job. Fighting and killing throughout the course of their life. Every moment of their life was crucial and yet their leaders learned and practiced the technique of not having boredom cross the minds of their teams.

Thinking about this deeply in the current World, I couldn’t help but think if we in anyway are a match to the leaders of the past? We sell enterprise softwares and consumer products and still tell ourselves that we are doing a major uplift to the humanity by helping people connect and make businesses thrive. We are more happy living in a bureaucratic world with its idiosyncrasies. A whole world full of people are brought in, taught and designed to make them fit better in the manufacturing world. A whole world of people manufactured to follow and not think. A whole world of people re-wired to be happy with the monotonous task of boredom.

I don’t understand. The art of leadership that we tend to emphasize in the recent days is truly for a major uplift of the humanity or it’s just the plain old exploitation of the meek??