An IT Guy!

IT guy

“Anna Marathalli!”, I exclaimed at the auto driver. He was the 10th auto driver in the last 5 minutes who rejected my plea to take me to my respective destination. 30 rupees extra madam, he said halfheartedly. Pushing aside my inner conscience which was shouting not to contribute to this auto mafia, I still got into the auto. True to being an Indian, I was late again. My critic inner voice was criticizing me for being late again and my other voice nudged me saying that, no matter what you can never be on time in India considering the amount of traffic at play. 60 mins for 10 kms on sunny days and 90 mins on the rainy days said the unwritten rule of traffic congestion in Bangalore! While my inner self was playing a see-saw, my brain was trying to be like a hen pecked in the soil in search of worms! (Yes! I was searching for my gems in Candy Crush!)

Staying in the IT hub of India, all it takes is a look to spot if this person was in IT. A laptop bag (mostly with an old airline tag), an high end phone, lost looks, drowsy face and the dangling ID card. A pitiful group which feels elated for not having slept for 2 days in a row and feels ecstasy by sending a mail at 2 AM in the morning. An over enthusiastic crowd which believes that they can pretty much bring peace to Indo Pak relationship yet strive so hard to find a balance in their own lives. A spoon of Caviar and a passport containing 2 stamps can very well give you the much respected elite status. And Yes! I very much belong to this revered group.

5 mins into the auto, stuck in the traffic jam. The friendly auto driver wanting to make a conversation asked me the following question. Madam, “What exactly do you do in IT?” Wanting to sound simple, I told him, “I work with Computers!, Anna”. “So, Madam, Do you assemble and repair computers in your office?” he asked me. Wanting to paint a clear picture, I smiled and told him, “No. Most of us don’t know how to repair them.” Looking very surprised, he went on to tell me about his nephew who is 18 years old now and has done a course in ITI and can now repair and sell computers. With this, my ego popped up and wanting to sound intelligent than his nephew, I told him, “I basically tell how the computers should work!”

Having not understood what I really do for a living, he again asked me what that meant even. Remembering Einstein’s quote on explaining things on simpler terms, I gazed at the internals of the auto so as to find something that could relate to IT and I can layout my life in his terms. Finally, looking at the license plate hanging in there made by a renowned software giant. I smiled and mumbled out my sales jargon! “This is what we do. We simplify the World. We store, print and categorize license numbers so that’s easy to organize and track them!” 🙂

Visibly alarmed by my answer, he looked at me and asked. “This was anyways there in the RTO office even in the olden days. For such a simpler task such as this. Why are you guys getting paid so much?” Embarrassed by his response and thinking about my inability to explain what I do for a living to a layman. I continued to stare at my mobile so as to get lost in my virtual World!!