The King’s era


Being fascinated by history, I always wanted to know what the past looked like. This love of the past didn’t let me towards inventing the time wheel (yet) nor towards consulting the occult towards rediscovering the past. Looking through the political drama that was happening in the country in the recent times, I really wished I could have a peek into the past and know why and how the King’s era came to an end. The branch of science in measurements nor intuition guided me there and I decided to call my very own Ok Google for help!

Command: Ok Google! Take me to the land of the kings!
Google’s very own tactile touch technology embedded with the stream of 3D printing finally landed me into the land of the kings! 😉

Dressed differently than usual, I found myself walking down the palace. I pinched myself to ensure that it wasn’t a dream and happily continued my stroll along the palace. The high rise buildings intertwined with nature, intricately designed palaces, the sound of horses running around and the steel crushing sound from the warriors who were practicing warcraft added more color to the place. Amazed at the beauty, I continued to take a walk to the King’s council.

The King Almighty! The King was dressed in all riches of the World. He wore a silk shirt adorned with rubies and diamonds and was sitting on a golden chair. The members of his council also wore dresses and ornaments embedded with the finest riches.

It was just another regular day at the court. The poor were all lined up and the King was passing judgment on what he thought was right based upon his rule book. The poorest of the lot were coming in and getting favors from the king displaying their poverty. The writers on the side were making elaborate notes on this to mark the generosity of the King. The poets of the state coming in and adoring the King for the food he eats and the burb he leaves. The excellent dancers of the state ensuring that the king’s valuable time is well entertained.

Slowly, Being a king had become their birth right and there was no need for them to earn it. The kings amassed so much wealth for their kith and kin and they were completely free of all the political drama. And all the while the poor public was watching this, hoping for a miracle to happen and were still continuing with their regular livelihood.

Looking at the day to day life in a King’s era, I was sure it served it’s purpose and ended. Looking at the deep fall of the mighty, I asked Google on when did the King’s era end In India.

Google’s response:
Did you just mean King’s era ended in India?
No search results found. Displaying results for King’s rule in India 2014!