The Witch’s Pet


There she goes my fateful mom turning into flames! And here I am witnessing every limb of her burning alive. She’s all that I know of. She fed me; pampered me; took great care of me. She was the only one in the whole world who understood me for who I am and what I am. My sharp teeth and powerful claws writhe in pain as I stand here and wither with my hopelessness and watch the magic of my life slowly turning into dust!

Who was this fateful woman anyways?
A just another woman who wanted to live her life to the fullest. A pitiful woman who was thrown away from the society just because she was different. An excellent caretaker who took care of every other being which lost its way. A strong willed individual who managed to live a life of greatness and found peace in solitude. A woman who truly reached her potential. A true scientist at heart who mastered the art of flying with just a broom stick. An entrepreneur at heart who followed her dream of living forever and now has managed to live for a good 325 years co-existing with nature. A free spirited woman who considered the whole world her playground.

And just because you didn’t understand her World; just because you didn’t understand her passion; just because she didn’t share the beliefs as that of you. Is it really fair on your part to criticize her, condemn her as a Witch and burn her to death?

My mom isn’t an untouchable or the wildling you are warned about! The men who believe that their God is the only true God and everything other than that be burned alive is someone we all should be scared about!

PS: A story narrated from the black cat’s (witch’s pet) point of view on seeing it’s mom being burned alive during the time when the Catholic churches decided to exterminate all free spirited woman for the crime of practicing Witchcraft (basically being one with nature!)