Gods gone missing?!


On a boring Friday night, my mind was intrigued with the discussions about God that was happening on Quora. “Have any of you ever met God”, I thought aloud. Even if the God was in fact real and he happened to descend to Earth – at least just to put an end to all the questions on Quora, how would I be able to identify him with the billions of human beings all around me? They say the average span of a human to judge a fellow human is less than 3 seconds. And I’m still wondering, how my ever loving God will span against it?

Well.. Here we go.. A complete bio data of God that I could think of.

Visibility level:
He wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye as he is super powerful and our eyes could just blow off at the sight! But Yes! He should look just like a man and still be visible.

He created us a million years ago (Adam n Eve or the Good old Ape!) But he can’t age as he’s God. He shouldn’t be having the mindset of a caveman nor should he be having the mindset of the 21st century youth. He should be young at heart and mature in the mind. So, keeping in mind all the intrinsic calculations around, he can be anywhere from 20-50 years old.

A shade of blue, green, white or may be black as a rock!

Definitely not the saffron ones as most of them are bound to be fake. Ideally, he is expected to dress as a king or a queen with all the ornated gold and diamond ornaments with flashy silk clothes as we see them in the portraits, but they shouldn’t be looking too dramatic as though they are just thrown out of an incomplete play!

They should be in a position to understand what ever language I speak. But also, they can only understand and respond only when we speak in Sanskrit.

Other notable features:
He/she should definitely have more than 2 arms. But it shouldn’t look as though some extra arms have been protruded. 2+ arms is a must and they should still look real.

Magic & Miracle are an absolute necessity. However, their miracles shouldn’t fit into an area where it’s scientifically explainable – else there are chances that we would call it a hoax and of course they shouldn’t also look as though it’s a placebo or it’s an illusionary magic!!

PS: After spending a good 30 minutes in figuring out and carving my God from no where. My mind relaxed and told me, “No wonder the Gods have gone missing!” 🙂