A Dragon Wagon!


I’m a dragon! Well! I’m not as scary and furious as the Targarean’s kid! I’m instead quite the simpler and sweet one as the Toothless! I have 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 legs and 1 tail just like you! When my mom first taught me to fly, all she said was this: “Jump from the branch and there you go!” and of course I did learn to fly with some bruises here and there! But c’mon what’s life without the technology and its application in it? Marveled at the excellence of human engineering, I finally decided to apply the principles of driving a wagon to my skill set! Yes! You heard it right! I’m going to be the first of its kind! A Dragon Wagon!! 🙂

Here goes my unedited version of truth on hiring a tutor to master this beast!

Sitting on a branch excited, I jumped what next? “Clutch your claws and break your branch”, he said! Alarmed! I looked at him! “Clutch your claws and be prepared to break your branches!” He said slowly! “Oh!” I thought and proceeded to take off! I didn’t move an inch! Puzzled! I looked at him again! Oh! Look! You’re still in neutral he exclaimed and then went on de-neutralize my position! Not knowing what he’s talking about! I just ended up nodding my head!

“Off you go!”, he said finally! Amazed by the vastness of the planet ahead of me, I prepared to move. “Stop”, he jumped! “How do I? This thing keeps moving”, I cried! “Clutch your claws and break it through the infinite space in a seamless move!” he said! Appreciating his poetic tone, I just smiled and nodded my head!

Having learned the basics of taking off and halting, we accelerated to fly through the beautiful roads! “Wait! Did you hear that?” He enquired me! “Hear what?” I said. Thinking probably I could hear a storm coming! “Did you hear the sound of your belly?”, he whispered slowly! Little embarrassed, I told him it could probably be my early morning breakfast! Dismissing my innocent truth as a PJ, he continued with his gyan! “Always listen to the sound of your belly. This will guide you on how fast you need to fly!”

Amazed at the inquisitiveness of the humans, I continued my journey. Listening to my belly’s sound which wanted to capture the world, I flew higher and higher! “Wait!” he said. “Again? What now?” I flinched. You should always gear up when you want to make a change to your speed. But why? I’m listening to my belly. Can’t it decide that? I enquired! Laughing at my stupidity he said, this gear change will make you run like a cheetah!

And slowly the classes went on.. and on.. and on…

The next class: Did you notice the mirrors? The instructor asked me a few minutes later after I kicked off my journey. “Well! I did in the morning when I got ready”, I told him. Frustrated, he continued with his class. “Look there are 3 mirrors; Left, right and rear view! You should also observe at the front for any pot holes”, he insisted! “How am I supposed to look everywhere? I only have 2 eyes”, I sighed! Well! Act like a hawk when observing the mirrors! He proposed!

Yet another class: “Now, let’s study reverse!” he said. “I don’t need a reverse”, I told him! My body isn’t built for that! “Well! If you would want the features of a sea horse! You definitely need one!”, he exclaimed.

Yet another class: “Wait? Did you attend the theory class?”, he questioned. Already a lot frustrated with the simplicity, I told him! According to your law of physics, a bee can’t fly! And still it does! Ignoring my frustration as a beginner’s apprehension, he continued with the 3 lessons of parking! (Parallel, Perpendicular and angular) and yes! Don’t forget to be like a snake when you are about to park!

By this, I have had enough. To be like a cheetah when I’m about to run; to be like a hawk when looking at the mirrors; to be like a sea horse when I’m reversing; to be like a snake when I’m about to park and better of all have the mindset of a Nirvana achieved saint while driving on the road!!

Amazed and dazzled by the simplicity of the human engineering! I decided to fly back to my very own World and vowed to never come back!

PS: Well! For the dragon wagon, now you know why I’m still a mythical creature!! 😉