Is Sanskrit the new Latin?


A few years ago, when I was first introduced to the concept of chemical symbols, my science teacher told me.. C= Carbon, Ca=Calcium. When it started making sense, she immediately drifted to K=Potassium and Ag=Silver. I was intrigued. When I asked her why certain chemical symbols doesn’t start with their first name, she told me that all these major discoveries and naming of them happened in the past where the language people used was Latin and the scientists having read this continued to use these symbols over and over and didn’t bother to change this.

I was surprised to know from her that Latin was in fact a dead language (no body uses it for communication) and we still didn’t bother to update their references. Mentally, I made a quick note to myself that I will probably do this change when I become bigger! 🙂

And slowly the days went by. Suddenly my long lost interest became a hobby and I found myself researching (read Google) about Latin. I was taken for a surprise when I first came to know that Latin was the holy language back then. The language the Gods speak; the only language the Gods can understand. And any other communication to God other than this language was banned by the churches in power back then! The sort of usual trick the mind plays in order to be in control; to be in power. Slowly the human race had to revolt against this and finally the Holy Bible was translated to the native tongue which led the human race to finally enjoy, appreciate and feel connected to God!

I’m definitely not a scholar who has so much linguistic proficiency in Latin or Sanskrit! But I’m at least quite proficient in their immediate kids English & Tamil respectively. I keep wondering, Isn’t this the same thing that’s happening with the influence and the constant push on Sanskrit now??

We started with sounds, slowly to garbled words and then to a decent set of words and then went on towards a million languages. New languages give birth and a few old ones give way! Isn’t this the natural course of evolution? Latin and Sanskrit did their best! They flourished! Made some really interesting scientific discoveries; served their period as the language of Gods; gave birth to new languages; been under absolute control with the power seeking authorities (temples & churches); got old and then slowly withered and died!

However, we do have their kids now. The kids in their prime! The kids with so many loyal fans! The kids waiting to perform miracles; waiting to perform interesting discoveries; waiting to be used in all possible ways; waiting to be nourished; waiting to be flourished; waiting with a yearning to bring a change in the World!

I don’t seem to understand. Why bother to just talk about the dead parents (just almost all the time) and exercise so much effort to rekindle the dead?? I’m definitely not saying let’s not pay a heed to the dead! I’m just saying why don’t we give a damn about the ones which are still alive??