The lonely Monk

The Lonely Monk

A monk! The one with the shaven head and a magenta robe! A sense of calmness and a solitary life of silence! This is the picture I always have in my mind whenever I think of a monk. But when I saw his thoughtful face which was trying to contemplate at himself, I knew I had to hear him out. I knew he had something more to say, something the World had to hear!

I’m a monk! I’m not the one who sold his Ferrari or the one who’s going to magically make you one! Raised as a monk and been a monk for well over 40 years of my life! Well! I’m just another regular monk (as you would say), who’s pious and religious and who’s been busy with the duties that the destiny has placed upon him. I’m supposedly the one who’s closer to God and I still have an heart ache which even the Gods can’t solve!

Everything in life was perfectly fine and in line with the Universe’s thinking! And then I met her and it made my whole World topple upside down. Her pale blue eyes shimmering with love pierced me through. Her smile brought a thousand butterflies flying all over me. Her presence brought a whole new in me! On the whole, she was the like the breath of the early morning fresh air! The minute our eyes locked, I knew we both were united by a bond which I couldn’t comprehend. It was a feeling I never experienced in all through my living years!

But what do I do now? Do I continue with the path that karma has laid upon me or do I follow my heart’s yearning. I’m not sure. Why does making a choice in life always have to be this difficult? Yes or No! Make a choice and viola the decision is made! I some times wish my life belonged to a simpler binary World! Ah!! the mankind with their preconceived notions and their rigorous mindset about almost everything!

Even the God that I believe in was once married and lived the life of just another regular man. Well! He didn’t seem to quite enjoy it and instead he decided to choose the path of solitude and thereby proceeded towards achieving enlightenment. Why is that I’m not allowed to experience the same path as my Master? How can I be sure of a thing which I have never experienced? How will I be qualified enough to carve out my master piece when I’m blinded all through my journey?

Why did the same God had to create man and woman so as to complement each other and still want us to go against the rules of nature (which he created of course) in order to just praise him? I know for sure that the God I believe in isn’t as insecure as this poor mankind! It was the same destiny that placed me in the service of God and it was the same destiny again that brought her to me. I love her and I love my God!!

On pouring his thoughts out, his sense of peace returned back to him and it looked like the choice wasn’t left to the Gods anymore!!