Eater’s Block


I knew it was coming. I would be lying to your face if I said I didn’t. Not sure if it was my intuition calling or my 6th sense whispering. I knew it was to come. I have in fact read about this in a lot of places and even a lot of my friends went through this. Still, I believed that this wouldn’t happen with me. When I first encountered it, the experience was overwhelming! It wasn’t like the slow piercing pain as that of the needle instead it was like the quick ripping feel of the band aid. Quick yet terribly painful! Well! How do I put it! Hmm.. Well.. Let’s call it the eater’s block! 😀 (aka stomach upset)

The wise men have always told us that only the downward spiral makes a man appreciate the beauty in life! Well! When I first went through this, I for first hand realized why white was meant for mourning and geometry was supposedly boring!! Eating only the White round shaped idlis or the shredded white Indian noodles (semiya) or the free flowing white butter milk took away all the color in my life! Little did I know that this was meant to be (for another week)!!

What’s life any ways without the tinge of color & spice to it! With chicken & Egg starting to perform a salsa in my dream, I realized I have had enough!! Where’s my roasted dosas and the mouth watering sambar? Where’s my blast in the head & tongue wasabi’s? Where’s my cheese dripping pizzas and the soul enriching pastas? Where’s my tangy salsa and the crunchy nachos to munch? Where’s my direct ticket to-the-heaven mughalai mutton biriyani’s? Where’s my life headed without all of them?

Into the final moments of despair & frustration and not knowing whether to call a tarot or parrot for help! I finally decided to end this in the Dragon Warrior style!!

Inner peace! Inner peace!! Inner peace!!! INNER PEACE!!!!