For the ease of calculation,

I’m ok to rename the good old Himalayas as Mount Everest (as derived from the man who measured it in the recent times)!

I’m ok to believe that Columbus discovered America even though there were aborigines living in that land way way before him!

I’m ok to accept that there are only 8 planets in the Solar System currently even though I seek solace under 9 planets in a temple!

I’m ok to accept that Newton was the first ever human being to have observed gravity when an apple just fell on him even though our ancestors still managed to create models of flying saucers and airplanes!

I’m ok to accept that Neil Armstrong’s travel to moon was the first travel human kind did outside Earth even though there are strong reported cases of human alien interaction in the past!

I’m ok to accept that Charles Darwin is the father of evolution even though our great grandfathers have discovered th evolution of life form on the basis of life & body!

I’m ok to accept that we are the most scientifically advanced population in the course of human era, whereas there are reported cases and books on discovery about stem cell research in the ancient Egypt!

I’m ok to accept the calculation of the whole human generation as before Christ and Anno Domini and thereby limiting the entire evolution of human era by just under a meagre 2000 years!

For the ease of calculation and for the thrill of marketing and the need for having our name engraved – all just to leave a mark behind!! Why invest so much time and resources in just marketing the existing wheel just to have our name plate in it for the next 60 years??

Instead, why not invest some real time in maintaining it or better to do something original!!