Moral Neutrality


The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality! ~ John F Kennedy.

Moral neutrality – is it even a thing?? Look at the greatness, beauty and the calmness of Switzerland and we will never think of asking such a question.

She was a new mom. She looked very weak and fragile and she slept like a log cuddling her 2 month old. Her kid, a boy did not have an inch of cloth in his body. She herself was wrapped in some rugged clothes. A look at her, I could guess that she belonged to the hilly tribe (The adi dravidars of south India – literally means the core dravidians). She was lying on the floor on the busiest train. She didn’t care what she wore, she didn’t care what she ate and she didn’t give a damn about anybody’s prejudices.

As the country tries to grow and grow (at least in terms of population), so did the people in the train at every subsequent station. And as people, didn’t have a space to stand, the luxury of having a peaceful sleep intruded the eyes of many and she was asked to get up. So, the weak girl in her late teens stood up with not enough stamina to sustain herself. A weakling in the train was an enough reason for every body to take a stab at her. There were people yelling at her that she’s happening to be touching them. A few women judging her morals for having a heavy booze owing to her instability. Mom’s of new moms gossiping that somehow nothing happens to these kids whereas no matter how they preserve their precious ones somehow they always fall sick. Few women praising the Gods that how these kid’s health are taken care. Few women condemning her for her choice to travel in the rush train having a kid and questioning her maternal skills. Few pervert men trying to catch a quick glance at her. Few travelers trying to bash her down owing to their urgency in getting down at their station and there were of course a few who took pity on her.

But none of them did anything. All kept talking and judging the situation with their level of moral fibre. And then it happened. A generous guy took pity on her and gave her a seat. A lady who was on a holy trip to the temples managed to push this girl down and took her seat. It was outright atrocity. When I questioned, all she bluntly put it was that she cannot sit in a seat when a person of low class sits in it. And this young girl didn’t even react to any of this.

The entire crowd kept quiet even after listening to this stupidity and of course they did nothing to jump upon a moral combat. Everybody had their own business to mind. Despite all the logical points in place, all we could find was only 2 people who actually wanted to act on it and finally we found a different seat to her.

All said and done. I really couldn’t understand why this difference in terms of caste! I some how can’t bear the thought of treating a fellow human being as shit owing to a difference in this 21st century! Yes. She belongs to a low class. A class so low in social stature that the famous south Indian God fell in love and got married to an Adi Dravidian? Why shower love and praise the God and his wife when you treat his in-laws like that? It was a group known for its physical strength now striving hard for its lively hood when all the Columbus in us call it a land of our own. It was a lively group with so many extra ordinary warriors who now manage to live a fateful history as nomads in their own mother land.

Throughout the course of human history haven’t we seen the same thing over and over?? Winners write the history and all the losers of every generation keep believing on what’s being taught?? I’m definitely not gonna be a wishful thinker here who thinks let the society change and treat people as equals. But, I would at least wish if this girl knows her history right and demand her rights in her own way!!