What has happened to the Gods?


It’s a follow up question that’s been boggling my mind for days and months. What has happened to these Gods and where the hell are they??

It happened a couple of years ago, when I visited the place of my child hood hero, Kattabomman! There, his entire life history was depicted in a series of painting. In one of the painting, a particular situation was portrayed. A friend of Kattabomman (king of the adjacent province) was under attack and he seeked help from Kattabomman. However, Kattabomman couldn’t aide to his friend’s need immediately due to some religious obligation he had that time. Instead he did something else.

He prayed to his family god for help (One’s family god is some one who’s supposedly a powerful/remarkable member of the family who has descended and it’s believed that they will still provide support to the family. This practice is still a very common thing in every other religion). His family goddess was Jakkama Devi. He worshiped her and sent away some sandalwood paste (read blessed) to his friend. He asked him to keep this paste on the boundary of the province and this he believed should keep away the enemies for a week. And surprisingly, his friend believed in him too and it worked. This so called sandalwood paste gave them the necessary time and space and helped them pick up the momentum they required.

When I first heard of this story, my rational mind was so curious to push it away with a name. What other theory suits this best – other than the good old Placebo effect? 🙂 (A sugar pill does wonder when you think it does!). Some body needed help and they believed that the goddess is in their side and this in turn provided people all the mental stamina and the positive effect they needed and viola! They won the war!!

All said and done, this man has remarkable courage, a clear mind and what not? And he still believes a sandalwood paste can keep an enemy at bay! Being raised in a Hindu family, I myself have plenty of access to this so called sandalwood paste. We also have the concept of worshiping our family god (aka kula deivam in tamil). Despite all that, Do I even have the guts to give away a paste and say that this will cure your problems (for definite!!!) instead of giving a vague explanation on the law of karma or the random movement of the planetary positions? I don’t think so.

This guy is not a god-man. He is just a plain old king who is loaded with riches and he still had access to something that can even stop an enemy from uprising. Even after so many of the logical reasons I place, I’m still keen on dismissing the whole thing of practical spiritual application of kattabomman as a placebo or as one that only the god-men can do. Even though if someone or the God himself transcends and grants me a boon of this size, will I even take it and use it without having doubts in my mind? I still doubt it.

May be was there really some form of “practical spirituality” that was there in the past and it was accessible to the common man?? Have we dismissed the whole thing fully yet again because we couldn’t comprehend them?? Can we all immortal humans still access Gods if we wanted to?? And is this so called God is just my ancestor?? A fellow human being who just died and really wants to help me and make me a better person?? Is just knowing our ancestors a key to the profound??