It was just another regular weekday. Thanks to May day, I had off from work. Also, this day marked the birthday of a famous actor in Tamilnadu (a southern state in India) where an actor who has achieved stardom status is considered equivalent to God. So, who will ignore the chance of celebrating such an auspicious day? And so, the celebration began. A day full of celebration is equivalent to new movies/special programs where everybody smiles for a change in all the TV channels around. 😀

Despite all the stupidest programs telecasted that day, one channel (read: non popular TV channel) still dealt with the fact of educating the people and showed up a documentary on why the labor day was put in place. Being a big fan of documentary and history, I was naturally inclined towards it. It all started with a small thought in one guys head. That the people in the working class are not being treated fairly. This thought then slowly deep rooted and spread across like wild fire. The effort and the sacrifice the group had to make in order to educate the people around on how they are being used as tools by the money making rich and the hardships these folks had to face from the big players and then to finally making it a reality.

The concept was very simple and clear. 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of life. This was the base behind everything and the so-called not so cool previous generation fought against this feverishly so that they can live the life and not just be around and watch it pass! Being in the Information Technology sector for over 6 years and born to a business man who easily works for 12 hours a day in a country like India. I couldn’t help but wonder if we even have a little bit of courage and a dare to question authority like that of the previous generation!

Here we are in the so called educated generation. Technically advanced than any known civilization. Not knowing the concept of working smart, not knowing how to say a no, being a door mat for every boss on every occasion, not knowing the basic right of independence and who doesn’t understand that someone is paying you a fortune because of the talent you have it in you and that doesn’t give anybody a right to own you!

What’s really the point to talk about independence, economy and all the stupid things that this government is doing and endless discussions on trying to make the World a better place and not ready to change an inch of thy self. Seriously.. What’s the whole point in cribbing and running to a foreign country saying lifestyle is better there and still not even trying to be a Roman there! What are we really trying to achieve by loosing sleep, life along with everything else by just chasing money/power?

Living a balanced life has sort of achieved a cult (or a super natural) status already and I seriously have no idea on what are we trying to convey through that!

PS: Questioning authority in any way doesn’t mean writing comments in Facebook and hash tagging them or giving a missed call to eradicate corruption!!