Color of God


3 years back, I was watching the movie “The Princess and the Frog” for the first time. There came the entry of a beautiful princess who was dark skinned. I felt it so difficult to accept her as a princess as she wasn’t fair skinned and didn’t have a golden hair.

A year back, I visited the place of my child hood hero. A portrait of him was painted there. He was a majestic looking guy who was fair skinned. When I stepped outside, I could see the folks of his kind who were all dark skinned.

I always say that, I’m not some one who discriminate people based upon color or creed. But here I was, not able to accept a young girl in a movie as a princess just because she was dark in color and never had a rational mind to think that if the whole community is dark skinned, logically this guy should have also been dark in color.

This sudden thought about color paralyzed my outlook on everything and how much more biased I was towards color. Took a RACE Association test from Harvard and it confirmed me that I’m infact biased towards color in a way that’s unknown to me (for social reasons). I was quite literally dumbfounded with the results of my test and I started exploring more on this area.

Why the constant need of portraying everything around fairness? Why have we assumed that being fair in skin color negates the fact that you are really fair as a person? Why is this such a top priority in our heads? in our news papers? in everything and everywhere? And why on Earth are all the majority of the Gods fair skinned?

Biblically speaking, the God created man from himself. God sort of took the dust from soil and blowed fresh air into it and made him to a human. Anthropologically speaking, the first human race was formed some where in Africa where the people are dark skinned in nature.

Assuming if these two facts were in fact true and going by the religious view, God created man. If it’s true, Shouldn’t the God also be dark skinned and not fair skinned as we portray him/her to be? Why would he create something that’s of a different color to him? Why would he have to create something that’s sort of a low in class with him where in fact human race is supposedly one of his best creation?

Or going by the scientific view, that God is nothing but a mental projection of the man kind. And man in fact made God of all the things that he was scared of. With this, Wouldn’t the first race on Earth created a god that was his color rather than a color that was unknown to him at that point of time?

By all means, I just can’t reach a logical conclusion that Gods are fair skinned. Was the real god dark skinned?? Did my ancestors really worship the God in the same color as we portray them? Or is the current projection of the God’s skin color as White is again a cultural dominance of White over black??

— Only Gods can answer! 🙂