Lost in the lift


Many at times, getting lost is an interesting thing in life. A beautiful thing too! Getting lost in the dreams, where u don’t know if it’s a reality or a dream! Getting lost in the book, imagining and picturing all the characters coming alive! Getting lost in a song where we feel that the lyrics are written exactly for us! Getting lost while eating a tub of hot chocolate filled with nuts and jelly bean! Getting lost while staring at the clear blue sky! Getting lost in the imagination while watching George Clooney on TV! Getting lost in thoughts where an uncontrollable smile keeps popping out!

Some how getting lost in the dreamy world is always an amazing thing for me. Living in the chaotic World, I plan, re-plan and re-re-plan so that I don’t miss out things! But out of everything in the World and of all the crazy planning I do, I some how never thought I would get lost and that too in a lift!! 😀

This happened when I was in USA 3 years back. After taking so many precautionary measures, from finding the exact location of office using GPS and to timing the travel time from hotel to office. I managed to go to office early on the first 2 days. Third day, the Indian in me woke up and I managed to go to office in pretty much Indian Standard Time (9 AM to 6 PM). I must say, the office location was in a very good spot. A big shopping center along with very good restaurants offering all the possible cuisines in the World!

Being my third day there and with the work piling up, I decided to take a break and roam around the shopping center for a while to take out the stress! With a few dollars in hand, I was roaming around the streets of Reston. Shopping is something that’s so deep rooted in women. A woman can go without eating for a few days but definitely not without shopping! Just for a stay of 4 weeks in USA, I managed to grab 2 full bags of everything I saw! 🙂

By the time, my shopping spree was over, I realized it was 7 PM and decided to call it a day! Oh! Yeah! Thanks to my luck, it was end of Winter there and it was very dark already and the entire office complex looked deserted. Appreciating the work life balance, I walked to the door. Only then I realized that I had forgotten and kept my Id card and mobile in my jacket which I managed to leave it in my desk! This means I cannot enter the office building and with not even a mobile to call, I was freezing and standing outside the office building for 10 mins. Thankfully, a cleaning lady walked past me then, she took pity of me and granted me access inside!

Thanking my stars, I happily went inside and pressed the lift to go to 5th floor where my office was. I kept pressing the lift button close to 10 times and the lift did not come to life. Scratching my brains and staring at the buttons, the lift suddenly came to life and the 10th floor button started smiling at me. There I was at 10th floor, little confused, I peeped out, there was not a single soul in sight. Little scared now, I went inside the lift and started pressing the 5th floor button again. Few seconds later, the lift again came back to life and took me to the ground floor instead. I did not understand the head or tail of what was going on around me. By now, I was very sure that there was a ghost in the lift and I was going to spend my rest of the night there! Still struck inside the lift, I started calling all the gods for help!

Suddenly, the lift gave a jerk and stopped on the 6th floor. A beautiful lady with a golden hair walked in. With all panic, when I told her of my problem, She smiled at me and took the magic wand out of her pocket and showed it against the buttons and made the lift stop in 5th floor. I was mesmerized. I smiled, thanked her to the core of my heart and finally walked to my desk and grabbed my belongings!

PS: Still thinking what’s the magic wand is! Well.. In USA, the lifts are operated by access control cards after 6 PM! Needless to say, I never left the office building after 6 PM ever during my stay there!! 😉