Hero Worship


“Give me few men and women who are pure and selfless and I shall shake the world!” said Swami Vivekananda. I have read this quote when I was in school. I re-read it a few days back on an old hoarding which was kept on occasion of celebrating Vivekananda’s 150th birthday. Stuck in traffic, my mind started wandering. How could some one who was just 30+ years old could have mental maturity of that level to proclaim that? No body could utter such a word in public unless and until he/she is so sure of what he’s doing and has supreme confidence in himself and his abilities.

For the next couple of days, I became so obsessed with this thought. I started reading and re-reading articles on Vivekanda. He is a guy with full of energy and passion and I was a person who was already fascinated with his famous speech he delivered in Chicago to which the whole community gave an applause. A truly motivating story for any one who is interested in public speaking per se. But some how, I never had listened to this speech. But, I always imagined the tone, command of the voice and how as an audience I would have been awe struck.

Thanks to my over obsession over the last couple of days, it suddenly hit me to witness the monologue that I had in my mind. Thanks to youtube, I managed to listen to the recorded version of the actual speech given by Swami Vivekanda. The minute I heard it, I felt like Shucks! This can’t be it. And I started searching for some thing else with a better clarity. No matter what the quality I was searching for, the end feeling I had was.. Shucks! This definitely can’t be the one that I was imagining all this while! This in any way did not match the expectation I had in my mind. The tone, the command, the voice modulation nothing matched. It was nothing short of a disaster to me. Could just by addressing a few folks as “Brothers and Sisters”, the whole group energized, mesmerized and applauded or was it always a hyped up version?

When I kept thinking about it, something striked me. I have an imagination of an hero. I believe my hero to be a supreme individual. More like a super man (or God) and I cannot stand to the fact that he was just another human being, who lived the life the same way I did and rose to power because of the mental stability he developed over time. His speech was infact good. But the reality perplexed with my own emotions didn’t sound good to me at all.

Even when the so called God comes to me and tells me that he’s God and his basic intention was that the society must have some humanity and common sense. We would rather pelt stones at him and later may be put him on a cross. If his philosophical truths didn’t reach us and if he tried to convince us with miracles. We would mark him as a person who would do Black magic and again sentence him to death.

May be, We all wanted a supreme individual who is pure and clean and who can cleanse us all. I think, may be, I would be more happy to live in a World where I could see Krishna and Jesus Christ as homo sapiens and who had flesh and blood. Who lived, loved, had children (in the natural process than by super imaginative means), created an impact in people and died. If I can accept my hero/God/guru/role model in the way they are and not in the way that’s fed to me or I imagine them to be.. may be.. that’s where the true hero worship stands!!