In touch with Murphy

Murphy Law

Murphy’s law states that, “If something that can go wrong, it definitely will!” Seriously.. How much can something really go wrong?? Puzzled.. Read on..

Long story short. Our family decided to take a trip to the northern part of Karnataka (in India). A place known for its scenic beauty, greeneries, misty weather and what not! Thanks to the too much ordered self I am, I picked the task on finding the travel route and the accommodation. I researched (read googled) fully. Used all the algorithms every body has ever created and found the optimal route to my destination and well it was the age before offline version of maps were available and there I was with full colored print outs and backups of the route plan. C’mon.. With a GPS enabled device, how can some one even get lost? And there we were all set and ready for the trip.. 🙂

With 3/4th of the journey covered in bliss, things started going wrong.. well.. terribly wrong…

Thanks to my optimal path calculation, I managed to pick a route where there are no people along the way which means no one to cross check if we are on the right path! With the ghats region coming in, there was zero network all the way, needless to say my GPS was just a ‘S’ in the end! Well.. Of course with no people along the way, we started trusting the sign boards and yes, we managed to land up in a place where the boards are written in pure Kannada (and yeah! of course! I don’t know to read them!)

Pitch black every where. With just huge trees all over and not even a human being in sight for the last 2 hours! The only light visible on the road was from our car and a slight rain pouring through out.. already with a feeling of being trapped inside a horror movie.. Our luck was awesome and we managed to attract a guy in a pure white dress. I was too scared to even look if this guy had a leg (ghosts doesn’t have legs according to a popular myth and seriously how could some one have such a pure white dress in the middle of the forest!!!) 😀

This ghost or a human being guy suggested us to go a place where we can find fellow human beings. Thanks to his special routing skills, we managed to land up in the place he had mentioned. To add to our horror! We found out that there was nothing other than exactly 4 houses and 2 human beings there! Well.. after all this crazy adventure, Our plan was to call it a day! Well.. It seems that the day was not done with us just yet!! 😉

With no where to rest down, we had no option but to cross another 60 kms through the ghats section. We managed to cover 70 kms in darkness and with a ghost to help! Well.. Why not another 60 kms???

There we were in the entrance of the ghats.. A place according to my calculation, We were supposed to reach at 5 PM and there we were at 10 PM. I opened the door of the car to get down, relax and catch some pure oxygen and there it was.. A black snake staring right at my face and welcoming me to the ghats! Yup! I was fully awake as though I had some 10 bottles of Red bull and we were all geared up to run and wind up the journey!

Ohh! yeah! I forgot to mention.. I’m an active follower of all documentaries on Natgeo and Discovery channel and the way I watch it, I was very convinced that I can handle a disaster myself and handle any wild animal along the way!!

We crossed 20 kms peacefully into the ghats.. Further in.. Small plants were freshly broken.. Further into the depth of the forest.. Small trees were freshly broken.. and further in.. Big trees had fallen down due to the rain..

Thanks to my natgeo knowledge, it became quite evident that not a herd but a single elephant had broken and crashed down these trees. I absolutely had no idea on what to expect next. What will we do if we encounter an elephant in the next turn trumpeting itself! Or should we expect a big block of log on the road and be waiting inside the ghats until some one comes by! Should we switch off the light inside the car? Or do we switch it on? Damn it! I don’t even have loud music enough to scare the elephant and all I have is only melodies in the playing list! Thanks to my mom’s special knowledge on news, she decided that the trees were cut down was by a set of robbers and there she was bugging us to remove the gold jewelry!! 😉

We some how managed to have a merry laugh even in that situation and prayed to a million gods for help! Don’t know if we were lucky or if the gods answered our prayers. We finally managed to reach our destination by just spotting a giant wild boar and an antelope along the way!

PS: I’m not sure if Murphy had proved his axiom then! But here I am, the true disciple of Murphy finally proving his axiom! 🙂