Wave of life!



A usual morning! I didn’t wake up early enough to hear the birds chirping or to see the orange sun rising to its glory or to get immersed in silence! Well.. I woke up listening to the honking sound every where (meaning I am reaching the peak traffic time), and the sound of early morning prayer in the school adjacent to my house. Yup! I am late again.. no relaxed getting ready plan as per my yesterday’s resolution! I need to hit the road fast before I get barbecued in this hot summer weather! 🙂

I managed to get ready faster and I was inside the bus. Enjoying my luck in getting a seat, I started listening to songs. For people who are not aware, driving in India has an adventure of its own. It’s like being inside a video game! You don’t know what hurdle to cross next. Do you have to see sideways mirror and watch for some one who is gonna cross you or see down for the holes in the road or see up if a branch from a tree falls down because of the heavy rain last night! You just don’t know!!

And yeah! Back in the bus! An auto just hurried and took a wrong turn! The bus driver managed to stop the bus without crashing down the auto. In fact, he didn’t even make a single scratch in the auto. The whole incident was totally the auto guy’s fault. But he got furious. he stopped the auto in the middle of the road and started arguing with the bus driver, the driver kept his cool and asked him to move on. The auto driver couldn’t control his rage. He started verbally abusing the driver and when he realized that the driver didn’t respond, his rage became furious. He immediately got into the bus and started hitting the driver. None of us in the bus could even react on what was going on. And yeah.. none of us wanted to participate on what was going on. We were all happy pretty happy in just being the spectators of it! (Isn’t it true that only when I’m involved in the trouble, I would expect the whole world to support me and still condemn that the world is not fair!)

Now the bus driver in order to prevent himself from getting hurt, got down from his seat and hit the auto driver hard. The auto driver just flew and fell out of the bus. Lucky for him, the bus passing by suddenly came to a halt and the driver immediately jumped to rescue. Still, not one of us from the road or the bus went on to compromise the situation. There was an old lady in the auto, she got down from the auto and went on to calm the auto driver and the bus drivers who were getting agitated in the mean
time. The lady however remained calm and still, managed to calm down everybody in a matter of seconds and let the whole situation pass. The auto driver drove rashly and went on his way! The bus driver took the bus and went on his way!

The driver was abused physically and verbally for no fault of his own. So, I was expecting some rash driving from the driver. I thought he was gonna take his frustration out on the road. But, to my surprise, he remained so calm and the entire journey went on peaceful. A few minutes later.. A fellow passenger unable to control his curiosity asked the driver why didn’t he even shout at him when he knew he wasn’t wrong? The driver replied.. “I think he (the auto driver) was just having a bad day. Probably, he was just angry and wanted to take his frustrations off. Why do I have join him in his agony and spoil my day?!”

I was actually shocked and surprised on hearing the reply from the driver. Many times in life, we are all just waiting for a chance to throw a blame at some one even though we know it’s our fault and still try to make a bright day go dull! Whereas, this driver even after being physically and verbally abused, still did not hold the grudge in his heart!

May be in life all it takes is not the external situation itself but the way we react to the external situation matters on how we actually live our life! Even though when everything is going on so perfectly and ordered, we still can’t manage to find peace! But when all hell has broken loose and you still know where to anchor your ship and carry a smile around! Probably, that’s all matters in the end!! 🙂