Why a smart phone?

Smart Phone

In this age of information overload, I was initially very skeptical on getting a smart phone. The constant need of being in tab all the time scared me to death. I wasn’t not sure how efficiently I’ll make use of it. And moreover, I was very happy with my Sony Ericsson W595 then! Finally, when my mobile became totally unusable after 2 yrs of usage, I decided to finally give it a try and got an android.

Here goes my answer on why am I so engrossed with my LG Optimus Black even after 2 years of usage.. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Hate waking up from bed? How about some one tells you to sleep for another 5 mins and post that gives you a reason on why to wake up in a soft and melody voice!
– Are you a calorie conscious? How about for every step you take, some one tells you how many calories you have burned!
– Stepping out of house? How about checking the weather and wearing your best!
– Are you a foodie? How about plenty of ideas to cook! No mood to cook? How about giving you a plenty of eat out options near by!
– Feeling lost? How about some one telling you where in the World you are!
– In the mood for some fun? How about talking to ‘Talking Tom’?
– Are you a spendthrift? How about managing your finance and tracking every penny?
– In the mood for some mental workout? How about some brain teasers and puzzles to solve?
– Scared to try a new hair do? How about trying out the latest hair styles and colors in town and decide which works best for you!
– Are you workaholic? How about keeping track, sending emails, recording timesheets all at one go!
– Are you a Go-Green guy? How about taking notes here!
– Are you stressed? How about listening to melodies and trying out yoga mudhras to soothe you out!
– Lost in darkness? How about using it as a torch!
– Want to be multi-lingustic? How about learning a new language at your finger tips!
– Want to impress your partner? How about making your own sci-fi romance!
– Want to sound cool? How about getting a cool tip of the day!
– Are you creative? How about creating cool photos in just a touch!
– Want to know what’s going around? How about getting the latest customized news at your fingertips!
– Are you a writer? How about writing your blogs in a traffic jam!
– Want to look hot with your neice/nephew? Get a smart phone!
– Want to impress the geeky guy across the table? Get a smart phone!
– Want to impress the hot gal standing near you? Get a smart phone!

In this age where information is power! A smart phone not just loads you with tons of information, It also teaches you on how to filter out the unwanted and keep tab on what is required alone!

If you want to be smart, get a smart phone! ๐Ÿ˜€