What’s in a war?


What’s a war? – Whenever the topic of war comes in, my point was.. Well! A war.. a fight between 2 idiots to boost up their ego and the innocent are unnecessarily slayed and go on to talk about politics saying that I do understand them well! I can just talk about it! But do I really know how it feels and the pain and misery behind it?

Sometimes in life, no matter who you are and what your perception is, there comes some one who alters everything you believed in and make you question everything you know. I met some one who altered my perception about life. He is a black guy. A war victim from South Africa who lost his identity along with everything else…

— Here goes the unedited conversation I had with him —
“Ashwini, You can never know about a war unless and until you have been there. I belong to South Africa. A war was waged there.. Suddenly on a blast, I lost my uncle and aunt.. Slowly, people I knew were all lost.. Within a week, all the people I knew from my child hood were all gone and I left so lost in the world with only my mom, sibling and a wife to spare.. Funny is that, When u know, you can’t live.. that’s when you have the urge to live..

Outraged by the killing every where, my brother joined the army. Despite we being there, my mom missed his son very much. Running crazily for a life knowing that you had lost all you had known, knowing that you lost everything you had owned.. You end up living a life full of guilt. You did nothing when your neighbors daughter was molested! You did nothing when you saw your niece be beaten to death! And you absolutely did nothing that time other than to save your life.. This thought is enough to torment your life. It kills your life on every waking moment and you convince yourself that you did all you could do and try to make peace with your past.. Well.. still nothing works..

Tortured and with no hope, you force yourself to move to a new land with nothing in life to spare! Without any hopes or dreams, you begin a new life with a wife and a mentally ill mother. A mother who is unable to control her maternal instincts who cooks her son’s favorite food and runs to every corner where she hears a military camp has been set! Waiting for hours and days outside the base, she finally heard that her son is no more. she passed away the next day! I still live my life only that the life in it has been taken away!

I need to undergo all this in life.. just because some body had to prove a point! Tell me Ashwini.. Do you really think life is fair?”

Thinking about this more and more.. I couldn’t forgive myself!
Is this so called immortal life really fair or am I not ready to share a responsibility in curbing a stupid ego and let some one live his own life?

Hindus go on a killing spree saying that they are a pure breed.. Christians go on a killing saying god forgives those who kill in his name.. and yeah Muslims go on a killing in order to establish the god’s command!

I really don’t care on whether heaven exists or the world just big banged itself! I really don’t mind drawing pictures on the wall for communication or just use a sign language! I don’t care who came first or which language was spoken first! I don’t care who is the pure breed or which is the best breed! I don’t care if I’m rotten in hell! All I care is a little sense of humanity.. a respect for life and a basic feeling that I have the right to live and love my life in the same way that you do.. Is this really too much to ask for?

PS: Here goes my hypo-critic self in convincing myself that I have done my piece to save the world by writing about peace!