Star Gazer

Star Gazer

Lying flat on the terrace, mind totally still, eyes just staring at the clear blue sky. I ask myself, Wow! Who could have really invented this infinite space of nothingness!

A window seat in a super deluxe bus, travelling through an express highway, brightly colored flowers on either sides, playing hide and seek with the rising sun. Man! Who really could have invented this fuzzy yellow thing which can be a god in winter and turn into a terrible monster in summer!

A cool breeze, a slight drizzle, riding a bike on an empty road with a loved one behind, cold wind enough to penetrate every nerve. Lost in amazement! I ask myself, How many sci-fi romances did this sweet wind create?

Grey clouds all over, an awesome DJ, superb lighting effect all over, a great stadium to dance my heart off. Drenched fully in the concert, I ask myself, How many tears and blood were washed away all these centuries by this rain?

Infinite darkness, shining full moon sparkling its silvery rays all over. Mesmerized completely, I ask myself. How many romantic poems were created and shared in the name of moon?

Tiny white little spots all over, twinkling and laughing their heart out. Lost in this infinity, I ask myself. How many wars and loves have these stars seen?

If the reincarnation fact was in fact true, how many times and in how many places I have lived and have probably amazed at the vastness of this universe! All said and done. My interest in universe probably just limits to star gazing and possibly looking at them via sky map.

With all the latest technologies at my side, I wonder if really my human sapient ancestors created a whole new calendar for centuries by just staring at them through naked eye? If so many people across traditions can predict a solar eclipse which can happen 1000 years later, can this really be an accident or imagination?

If an ancient tradition had enough science to pull our brain out through our nose.. If an ancient tradition can talk about atom 2000 years ago.. If an ancient tradition can talk about a nuclear war 3000 years ago.. If an ancient tradition can talk about genetic mutation and time travel 4000 years ago..

Can I really assume that everything they said and talked about is pure imagination and mark it mythical just because I don’t understand the magnitude of it?

Are we really smart enough or are we really trying to re-invent the wheel all over again and call ourselves “exceptionally smart”?