I like the word “GOD”. All loving, ever forgiving, non judgmental person ever. When all hell breaks loose and we are in the bottom point of the well, we see a light above and say there is god. I like him. He is always stable. He neither tries to love me more as I try to adore him nor he tries to hate me a little less when I’m mad at him. He is one of those real cool dude to me! 🙂

Well.. Going with the majority of the belief. He created us (sorry big bangers). So basically he is my father(or mother?) right? I don’t know if he is really my dad, If he really was, doesn’t the basic criteria for a great dad apply to him as well?

If he is really my dad, why do I really need an intermediate person to talk to him? Wouldn’t he enjoy talking to me straight than with some one who calls himself as his special son? Isn’t a great parent is someone who doesn’t discriminate his kids. Why does he really had this intention to classify and discriminate people on criteria that possibly extends to every word that can ever be formed from the alphabets?

Isn’t a real loving dad is someone who teaches me on how to fly and allow me to explore my own world? Will a real loving dad condition me to love him the way he wants to be loved and adored? Wouldn’t a dad want his kid to live on his own feet rather than to come and crash in his house for every lighting strike? Shouldn’t a perfect dad kick you in the butt if you disregard all your duties and keep living on him like as a parasite?

If I really trust in him, wouldn’t I just talk to him about my dreams and gain some strength to explore my world or would I trade off things every time for everything I demand for? If I really say I adore him and love him, wouldn’t I love to live the way he believed in and lived about or would I just talk about it, keep just praising about his greatness while whiling away my time in sheer stupidity? Does real love stops some one from loving you just because you have a different way of seeing things?

Isn’t the love of a parent and a child boundless? Isn’t it the same love we try to experience with God? Can any form of love for that matter be really defined within the rules within a rule book?

Is it really love or insanity when you hear some one say, “I know what is right for you and I will love you and approve you of your being only when you abide by my rules!”. Why on Earth(or in this Milky way or Andromeda galaxy) anybody who loves you is ever gonna say that?

May be he’s just fine.. its probably all in our heads on how we see him.. 🙂