The unsaid story of a kitchen fly..

kitchen fly cartoon

Being a consultant is pretty much like a nomad. All you have in life is a laptop bag and when you find a place to sit, all you do is power up your laptop and you are ready to go. Recently, I had been to a customer office. The customer was in the middle of shifting their office to a new location, so there was confusion all around the seating arrangement and due to lack of seats, all I could manage was to get the final empty seat next to the kitchen. A seat next to quite a chitty chat place and of course it was one with a beautiful view as well.

In life, we always say that, Ohh! I’m a great guy. I thought this through by putting myself in someone’s shoes. I don’t know for sure if that works. But I really didn’t expect that I’m gonna be under some one’s shoes quite literally the next day.

The next day began.. already under a bit of jet lag, I began my day quite early. A little sleepy and a lot excited, I went to my seat and placed my bag. Being a hard core foody, I always loved the smell of food. One of my favorite past time hobby involved in guessing the food by its smell. (ohhh! thinking of the aroma.. makes me go hungry again. ;))

Well.. where was I? Yeah. I went and placed my bag. The scent of freshly brewed coffee came flying down to my seat. Ya.. I know I’m not Jerry to fly down along with this smell. but c’mon who wouldn’t love the cuddly smell that gently wakes you up and lets you go back to sleep again. A fresh start to a great day had just begin. The time was now 8.30 AM, and the smell of coffee just gave way to crusting smell from the oven that came from heating sandwiches and then slowly came the lovely cocoa smell from hot chocolates. They say eating the food is half smelling and half munching. And I was all geared up to feel the taste of all the delicacies in the World without actually adding up calories.. 🙂

A little chit chat sounds here and there and again the smell of coffee,juice and all sorts of fruity smells came over. oh! yeah. it was 11 AM and people were on their snack break. My stomach which was supposedly full from a heavy breakfast already started making all sorts of noises to grab my attention.

Slowly and steadily the waiting period winded up. It was finally the time to treat my noisy stomach. Excited and getting ready for lunch, I got the bad news. Thanks to my first day here, I was invited for a lunch meeting at 1.30. (that’s a solid 1 hour away!). Not sure on what to do, I took a Snicker from my bag and was trying to eat away my disappointment and meanwhile trying to focus back on my work again. Until that point, I didn’t even realize that this office was a mini World in itself. Slowly people started coming towards the kitchen to heat their home made food. First, a Chinese guy came with his spicy noodles, followed by a mid aged guy with bacon sandwiches. Slowly there were tons of people who came there and they went on heating and eating their pastas, gourmet salad, sandwiches, burritos, variety rices and things I have never even seen of..

My quick snack did nothing to me and my head started bursting with pain from the over whelming smell of all types of food around me. I couldn’t sit there any more. I ran outside to escape from this. 5 mins outside breathing pure oxygen, a vision of enlightenment dawned upon me. Man! I couldn’t even sit next to an open kitchen for a few hours. How does the kitchen fly and cockroach really manage in there?

PS: This is a true story of how I received enlightenment from a kitchen fly and true sense of how it really feels to be in someone’s head.. Quite literally!!! 😀