The other side of the equation

Two weeks back, a major festival for the Hindu community got over. This festival is called Diwali, which means the festival of lights. Being raised in this religion, its a special day for me. We celebrate the day by bursting up crackers all day long, eat some really great food, go totally deaf because of the noise that’s all around, enjoy the visual treat by painting the sky in all possible colors. Overall, this is a wonderful day that treats the mind, body and soul in all aspects.

And yeah. Here comes the question. What’s the reason for this joyous occasion to be celebrated for centuries? Reason being, there was this really bad guy called Naragasuran. It’s reported that he had harmed people of other provinces continuously (aka Good people were hurt). Unable to bear the atrocities and to protect the good ones from being hurt, the rightful person (the God here) waged a war against him, killed him and his fellow men and brought justice and happiness to all the good people in the World. To embark upon this remarkable victory of good over bad, we celebrate this festival.

The moral of this story is good wins over bad. I have believed and loved this story all my life. C’mon.. Who wouldn’t? Isn’t this is a perfect story of “.. and they lived happily ever after!”. But if I truly believe in this and say so, I should be on every note be a true fan of all the wars that is happening in the world. Ofcourse, all the wars that’s happening around us are trying to promote peace through forced violence right? If the war Hitler or Rajapaksa or Obama for that matter waged was wrong, then shouldn’t the God be acknowledged as wrong as well? Aren’t they all trying to do the same thing by protecting good over bad?

The more I thought about it, the more I feel that, Probably the factor “Good” to me is more associated with which ever side I belong to, which ever side I’m being identified with or which ever side I’m more inclined to. This side naturally becomes good to me and the other one that is opposite to my belief system becomes bad. But really does something called good and bad exist? Or is it just my own validation against my own belief system? Or may be it’s just that, we are still not evolved in all these years to just learn to accept the opposite point of view rather than trying to impose our own belief systems to everybody?

As much I believe and adore my point of view, so does the other. After all, it’s a genuine human nature right. The point of view that seems perfect to me on all senses seems to be a absolute load of crap to the person who is on the other side of the equation. Probably, everyone is right in their own way as long as they don’t try to forcefully impose their thoughts and actions on others.

But one thing I’m sure of. What’s bad to me today can certainly turn good the next day. After all, it all lies in the way I color my today’s events.