The essence of smile


It was a long, hard day at work. Feeling a bit exhausted and tired, I started off to my home. My mind wandering on its own World, I walked towards the bus stop to board the bus. The bus was pretty empty I believe. I got into the bus and took a seat. Thanks to Pavlov’s effect, I reached my purse and took the money I needed to purchase the ticket. My eyes were looking outside the bus, but nothing was registering in my mind as it was still occupied in its own thoughts. It was then I heard some one calling me. I turned around to see the conductor standing there.

She was a young woman in her early 20’s. She looked very cheerful and chirpy. When I saw her, I was proud that lot of woman are out to work these days. Especially to the jobs where you’re so accustomed in seeing only men. All these thoughts apart, I also didn’t forget to notice her long dark black hair which she had let loose. She had worn a pair of green jemikis (a type of earring) to match her salwar kamis.

She came to me and asked me where I needed to go. I gave her the money and realized I was completely clueless on where I had to go. My mind was completely blank. C’mon I’m not going anywhere new nor I was lost in an unknown place. All I needed was to go to my home. A place where I have been staying for the past 2 years. Yet still, the name of my place didn’t dawn upon me. Quite embarrassed with the fact that I forgot where I had to go.. I rushed my brain to figure out an answer. Half my brain was scanning the landmarks and the other half was trying to come with the best possible answer so that I don’t look stupid. In the mean time, my face was growing pink with embarrassment. 5 seconds had passed, and I still didn’t have an answer..

Seeing me turn crimson now.. She looked at me and smiled. A genuine smile from the eye which said.. it happens.. don’t worry.. just relax.. I smiled back to reciprocate. Immediately my mind eased and I remembered the place where I need to go..

After we both had a heartfelt smile on this, we started talking in general about the where abouts of us..

May be, if she would have given me a smile that said.. hmmm.. u don’t even know where you wanted to go. I would have felt offended and I probably would have equated my angry quotient with some one else.

May be, if she would have shouted at me for my delay, I would have literally been embarrassed and depending upon the magnitude of it, I would have either been thinking about it for long and keep living this one second for at least for another couple of hours in my head or my mind would have been trying to figure out the root cause of this issue so that it doesn’t happen again or the perfect me would have been trying to hit me hard for acting so dumb.

But instead of all this drama, a smile, just a smile eased the situation and brought up a good mood and lit up my day.

Sometimes I wonder, Probably its better for us to laugh at our own mistakes and short comings. When we laugh at our own stupidity may be, we don’t give the chance to some one else to ridicule us. We just laugh it off, let things go and just live in the moment.

Perhaps, A smile, a truly heart felt smile is what required in most cases to set things straight..