Patience or Patient?

In this age of instant messaging, instant coffee and instant noodles, where does this concept of Patience ideally fits in? What’s wrong in jumping with joy while expecting my results? What’s wrong in jumping with fury when injustice is done to me? What’s really wrong in expecting fruits for my actions instantly?

When I upload a photo in facebook or write a new blog, as soon as it is published, I would love to see the likes and comments pouring in. C’mon.. Who wouldn’t? Will a long lost response/appreciation make you feel great than an instant response/appreciation?

What’s really wrong in expecting quick results for your actions? Doesn’t it show you how enthusiastic you are about your completed work? Doesn’t it show how excited you are about the results? How could it be wrong to live the life with full of hopes, expectations and aspirations? How could it be wrong to show your dislike when some one provokes you? How could it be wrong to vent out your anger rather than hold it all up and suffer with blood pressure in the end? How could it be wrong to live your life with full of zeal rather than trying to be a patient by practicing patience?

How does this concept of Patience work and how does it really help some one, when all it tells you is shut down yourself, get into a shell and keep saying to yourself that your life is awesome.. Does this really work? Does this concept still apply in today’s life?

I had too much of this funda. I was literally losing my patience in learning to be patient. 🙂 I really had to put this to test to see its results! (Again, a wrong expectation! 🙂 )

Being an over enthusiastic person I am, I felt Patience did not help me at all in any sense. Being patient in my regular activities made me feel that I have lost the excitement that I used to have in my life. Rather than trying to have the control of my life, I felt that I’m throwing up the control up in the air. Rather than being responsive, I was feeling like I was living a life that doesn’t include me by any chance.

What ever it may be and who’s so ever says it, I still wouldn’t agree with the good old definition of Patience. May be as they say time can answer it. But my definition of life is quite simple. As long as I could keep my head straight in the spur of the moment, I’m good to go.. 🙂