The Sita Syndrome

I hate Lord Ram. I keep saying this and I keep hearing this from a lot of people whenever the topic of Ramayana comes in or when the discussion of an ideal husband and an ideal wife comes in (according to the hindu legend, Rama is considered as the ideal husband)

Why? Because to me he is more of an MCP (Male chauvinistic person).

Why so? Because after rescuing his wife from his enemy, he doubted her integrity and asked her prove her chastity by undertaking a trial by fire (according to Hindu mythology, fire is the purest form of the natural element and when one is pure, there is a belief that fire will not hurt them. whereas, when they are impure, the fire will engulf them. Bluntly put, something like a virginity test or a DNA test taken today)

Considering Rama was a man of character & strength (according to the story again), what led him to do such atrocity to his own wife?

Who was Ram anyways? A bright young man who fell in love with this girl at first sight. A valiant young man who proved his strength, earned his respect and married his girl. A pitiful soul who earned a sentence of 14 years (in the forest) for no mistake of his own. A man who cared so much for his wife that he asked her to move to her parent’s place so she need not struggle with him in the forest. A man who respected his wife’s decision of being with him and agreed to take her along with him. A man who respected and considered his step-mom as his own mom. A loving brother. A great ruler. A trust worthy man. A confide friend. A persuasive man who fought a whole battle just to get his wife back. A man who maintained his fidelity, loved and trusted his wife and gathered all his momentum towards a single goal of saving his wife and being with her.

Yes. Agreed he was a charismatic individual. But after so much of a person he is, how could he do this to her? After all she did was to love the man and hoped, believed and trusted that he his going to rescue her one day with the dignity and pride she deserves.

Well.. I really don’t know what he was thinking.. May be, he was literally out of his mind on the over whelming emotions he was going through.. May be, he was trapped by listening to the wrong mouths.. May be, he just wanted to prove a point to the world that his wife was pure.. May be, he thought he was helping her.. May be, he wanted to save the dignity of his wife..

But to me, his action was just a sheer act of stupidity that any one can fall into considering the high intensity emotional turmoil he was going through (C’mon he was finally getting to be with his love after so many years and after such a huge battle!)

The more I think about it, the more I ask myself.. How could just a single act of stupidity from some one negate the whole thing and the whole visualization about the person on who he is? Is this really a fair point to judge some one? How could it negate the fact that he didn’t love her? How could it negate the fact that he didn’t trust her? How could it negate the whole fundamentals of the relationship? How could one single act of sheer stupidity negate some one from who they are and what they are? Can really one mistake undo all the goodness in the person?