The blueprint

Is everything in our life pre-decided and the entire blue print of our life already laid out? And our only sole job in life is to figure out what the blue print meant and do as per the instructions no matter we like it or not? No matter we believe it or not?

Yesterday, I was talking to the kid in my neighbourhood, Saritha. A bright young girl who is 12 years old.

She was gazing at some of my picks in my living room of which most of it were taken during my trips outside India. And the topic immediately shifted about life and the World outside India. While sharing my experience with her, I found myself telling her the importance of education and the power of imagination and faith that can bring wonders to one’s life. Half way through, she cut me out curtly and said.. “Look Didi.. I’m 12 now. When I was born, my parents went and consulted an astrologer about my future. He told I won’t study well. And I will be married by the time I am 16 (so is her sister who is 16 now and just got married last month!). So, there is another 4 years for me before I’m married. And that’s what my life is all about!”

Yes. Believe it or not. This is the exact response I got from a 12 year old. I was really awe struck by this response!

What does she really know about life? Isn’t our life supposed to be filled with loads of exceptations, happiness and joy? Isn’t our life supposed to be an adventure ride every day? What’s the total point of deciphering the contents of a black board that is kept some where when you have the whole canvas right in front of you which allows you to paint your life the way you want it? When I thought more about her, I really felt her as if she was this young catterpillar which is not even out of its cocoon yet has been told that it can’t fly and it can’t reach the sky and has to rot in hell because the other counter parts didn’t..

People, You know your life is screwed up.. because you don’t know who you are and you don’t know what you want. Even if the right oppurtunity knocks your door, you shy away from it thinking you don’t deserve it.. Or you envily wait for the golden duck to jump at your door step.. You don’t know what you are searching for.. And you keep searching for it in vain.. and when you finally give up.. Not only you screw yourself up.. but you also try to screw all those around you.. For the love of god, please don’t thrust your negativity and the Ahh!! the grapes are sour story to the young minds. Atleast let them spread their wings and live their lives to the fullest in the way they wanted!!