Snap decision

It was a pleasant evening.. I was returning from the office after a pretty long day. I boarded into the bus and took the seat.. Having got a comfortable seat, I brought my iPod alive, plugged my earphones and opened a book to read… The conductor came to me and gave me a glance to change my seat.. Having already seated in a comfortable seat.. I did not want to move.. He gave me a weird look and walked away.. Thinking why he was reacting like that, I tried to dismiss him and immerse into my book.. The book was very captivating.. 15 mins had gone. I looked around to see where I was.. It was then I noticed the person who was sitting next to me.. She was a transgender.. A woman who is trapped in a man’s body..

My initial snap decision was to flee.. I wanted to move away from the seat and move to a very comfortable one.. The seat which was very comfortable to me 15 mins back suddenly became very uncomfortable because of the person who was sitting next to me… I calmed myself as I sat there.. I sat there just observing her (of course without making her feel uncomfortable).. She seemed very different from the others I have seen.. (Most people I have seen were either uneducated or were disowned by their own family for no fault of theirs.. They usually formed groups and lived together.. They were present all over the city.. their primary occupation was begging.. A few of them are quiet.. They ask you for money, if you don’t give them anything, they move away.. A few demand you and don’t let you move until you give them money.. Their basic survival instinct is so strong in them that nothing seemed wrong in their way)

But she was different.. She seemed educated.. She was neatly dressed.. she had a rare calmness in her face… And out of everything, she carried herself in a way that showed pride in who she was.. She had a great literary sense.. she was reading one of the best books of all time “Gone with the wind”. Suddenly, I was drawn to her.. I wanted to talk to her and ask her about her life… But something in me told me.. Not to.. I wanted to treat her as her and give her the privacy she deserves..

There she was… A woman whose heart was filled with love, hope and all the possibilities in the World… I did not disturb her.. But I felt I understood her.. I respected her for who she was.. When I was about to get down, she gave me a smile… May be I’m over exaggerating or over analyzing.. But I felt it said Thanks for understanding…

Walking back home, I had more questions in my mind.. Who am I to judge someone because he/she is different from me and my way of life? Who am I to tell them whether they are right or wrong? Who am I to tell them that I’m superior or inferior to them? Isn’t these differences in life provide a balance and make the journey of life worthwhile?

PS: Take the below test and you will know more about you and your ability to take snap decisions out of pre-conceived notions unconsciously..