What’s it like to be a billionaire?

When Ambani’s try to create Antillas or when Mittal’s daughter gets the most expensive wedding in the World or when Mallya’s do this & that.. I wonder only one thing… Oh! Man! what’s it really really like to be a billionaire.. I am no saint.. C’mon.. Who in the World doesn’t want to get a taste of it?

Well.. recently.. I had quite an experience on how the life of a billionaire is.. Before you jump on to conclusions.. I did not win a lottery nor I was named the queen of the Eldorado.. 😉 (will be in the cloud9 if I am.. but lets come back to reality.. Hmm.. No.. :D) Instead, I took a trip to the land of Jakarta where everything is possible!! (Still confused, well.. in Jakarta 1 USD = 10,000 Indonesian Rupiahs).. So, there you are.. Pamper yourself with a 5 star lodging and get a first hand experience of how is it to be like a billionare… 🙂

So, what it is really like?

Get out of your office and you have a Mercedes benz waiting for you by the door.. Enter your extravagant house on the 27th floor where you can see the whole city skyline, a place where you can chirp with the birdies that comes to your terrace garden.. Sit under a tree shade on the 15th floor and read your favourite book..

A romatic water fall is not just your desktop wallpaper, instead its just right next to you, the little wheels in the 3 foot tall water fountain chuckles & turns round and round…
Romantic light settings all over the house matches with the jazz that is played from your latest boss steros.. A nice and comfy leather sofa to watch your favourite movies from 32 inch LCD TV..

Your bed room so exquisite and so out of the world.. where the water bubbles from the fish tank is the only sound you hear.. A queen size adjustable bed with Egyptian cotton linens… A bed that is so comforting and so relaxing is engraved all over with your favourite mythical creature.. Intricately designed beautiful swan lamps kept on both the ends of the bed..

A walk in closet.. so big.. with separate cupboards just for your shoes.. A coat hanger so thoughtfully designed.. Everything so neat and so clean.. All your latest favourite magazines are lined up for you to read on your ivory coffee table…

The bath room so huge fitted with your favorite Jacuzzi’s all over.. A dressing table with 3 huge mirrors.. out of which 2 of them inclined at 45 degrees..

Sounds amazing.. It doesn’t stop here! 🙂

Step down to the dining area and you have a massive display of all the foods that is available worldwide.. be it mexican, continental, chinese or middle east.. name it and you have it.. A palatte to fill your appetite.. Oops.. worrying you are eating more.. want to cut down on your fat.. No worries.. just walk down to the pool facing gym, where all the latest equipment are lined up.. Done with your gym.. now all sweaty & tired.. head out to the swimming pool to relax and unwind when you don’t want to be wired.. No mood for the pool, then head out to the SPA, have an aromatic thai massage and get lost in the sweetness the life has to offer! 🙂