Happily ever after..

It was a lazy sunday noon.. Had quite a good brunch.. Had browsed the net the previous day and had a solid hour by hour plan on how to spend the Sunday in a relaxed way 😉
Well..guess my lazy brunch had done its wonders and I suddenly realized that I wanted to spend my Sunday by doing absolutely nothing.. (Yup.. the aussie way :D)

So I just walked down to the near by bay area.. where you can just lie in the park all the while, stare at the ocean & get lost in your own thoughts.. So there I was, siting on the grass and getting totally immersed in a Percy Jackson’s book.

Don’t know how long the time passed.. Suddenly as though Zeus was venting out his anger, the blue sky started to roar.. Startled by the roar, the self-boasting bright Sun went and hid himself behind the grey clouds..

This sudden turn of events made the entire environment look more romantic.. The yatches and the boats anchored up, dancing to the sweet melody of the wind and waiting to be ridden…
The little kids roaring with laughter in the near by theme Park.. Adrenaline pumped young kids trying to perform some stunts in their skaters.. Young girls gossiping around and having a sun bath in their bikinis….

Seeing the fun packed events all around me.. I closed my book, went near the small beach near the bay and was trying to get immersed in the nature’s beauty.. The entire small beach all to myself, where 100’s of innocent little fishes wandering around my feet.. A feeling so alive.. A feeling so fresh..

It was then I caught the sight of them…

A cute couple, with stunning looks.. They both were siting on the stone wall near to the beach, facing each other, laughing and telling some stories.. They seemed to be having a great time with each other.. His eyes was bubbling with love, warmth & affection.. Just a look in the guy’s eyes and you could tell that his partner was lucky…

All of a sudden, when the time was right.. He shared a quick peck with his partner.. Startled by the sudden flow of emotions, he blushed and cuddled in his partner’s arms..

As though the mother nature wanted to shower them both with all the love she had..

Who in the world said that gay love isn’t romantic??