Days are longer….


I remember this question very particularly.. As this was one of the intriguing questions that I wanted to find the reason behind:

“Days are longer and nights are shorter in Summer”

When my school teacher told us this.. I asked her Why? She said because that’s the way it is..

I had (and still have) this habit of not accepting anything before getting fully convinced…

There went my analysis to find a logical explanation of this great mystery! (well.. I was really hoping to solve even the great Bermuda’s puzzle then! :D)

One was, that in summer.. the days extend beyond 24 hours.. (which it never did.. :()

Another was, in Summer.. the 60 mins run more than 60 mins of time frame… (I even went to the extent of analyzing the time difference in digital watches and my dad’s key watches). I truly believed that a 1 hour zoology class of mine is way more than 1 hour because its summer.. (Guess the relativity theory has done its job! 😉 )

In my place where there is hard difference between the seasons.. the sunlight duration was +- 1 hour difference throughout the year.. This one was quite a convincing solution. But, I was feeling so silly of the scientists to have gone around to find a phenomenon that didn’t matter any ways..

Thinking scientists as people with absolute no job, I finally came out of this mind blowing puzzle and some how finished my schooling..

Now, I’m currently in Sydney and the local time here is 8:20 PM. Looking outside the window gazing at the clear blue sky…

Oh dear!! This is what was meant by “the days are longer!”