Sivagamiyin Sabatham – Sivagami’s vow



Tribute to a great book (Sivagamiyin Sabatham – Sivagami’s vow) that I have read in quite some time..

This book talks about the twists and turns that life throws at a young girl(Sivagami) because of a vow she takes. Each & every word of this 2000 paged book striked me hard, zapped me, took total control of me, made me forget that I have to eat & sleep..
Written a well above 70 years, talks about a lifestyle that was way above 1000 years.. Yet still, I could confidently say that, this young girl sivagami is still present with us probably with a quite modern name of Shivani..

This book had such an impact on me, I decided to re-iterate this whole story just plugging it with some current scenarios..

Instead of being a dancer, Shivani is now in a full time job as a media person in which she is the best
Sivagami is a girl who is young, carefree and pampered by her dad just like us.. She loves dancing and she has great great pride in showing it off.. And yes.. of course. she is best in class in what she does.. She takes the whole world by surprise by her dance.. She is quite a hard worker and loves to talk to her pet deer & parrot all the time.. (which is probably us talking to our “Talking Tom” now.. :))

Instead of a being a Prince, Shivani's guy now belongs to a different financial status/community
The cute cupid does his work and Sivagami falls in love with this young and a charming Prince Mamalllan. She is madly in love with this amazing prince who reciprocates her love.. But they just can't publicly display their affection outside because of the political turmoil that time that is revolving around them.. Yet! She is in her own world building castles which is only of him and her.. She is sad and anxious when she doesn't see him.. She thinks about him all the time.. Yet.. She finds reasons to fight with him, the minute she sees him because of her overwhelming anxiousness of the future.. She is extremely happy and sad at the same time, whenever she thinks about this relationship… She is extremely confident and even she strategizes methods to convince her future father-in-law (for her marriage with the Prince) by making him fall in love with the divinity and charm in her dance.

He travels out of the country for an engagement.. Long distance relationship separates them here instead of a war
They are separated from each other for a long term due to a war.. The distance strengthens their love for each other.. She feels the need to leave dancing just because he is not there to adore her and yet feeling guilty about doing the same. Sivagami is anxious and she thinks that she is probably not a right match for him for the experiences of a life time he is going through.. The Prince feels that he is not that right for her for the extreme divine presence one gets from her dance. Yet.. They still think about each other all the time.. Every minute, they dream of what to say.. what to talk.. how will their life be when they are together..

Neither parents agree for their marriage. So, the guy proposes to elope and yet she feels the need to wait and earn the respect she deserves
Unfortunately, Sivagami is captured by the enemy.. who in turn puts her to lot of turmoil.. Yet she never gives up. For the will in her heart is so strong that she strongly believes that her guy will come and take her and shower her with all the love that she deserves in her life.. One fine day.. the prince comes to rescuse her. He comes in a hiding so as not to reveal that he is a prince.. Sivagami disagrees to go with him for she feels that she has underwent a lot of stress for him.. And Yes! As the lady love (or the new queen) deserves all the right to be taken to her motherland with all the pride in the world that she deserves.. Not understanding the pride this woman brings to his resume, the Prince gets angry and flees off to his land leaving the love of his life…

Turn of events.. In the original story, it is 9 years down the line. But in Shivani's life, 2 years has passed and she has gone to UK to do her MBA. Shivani and her prince have decided not to be in touch until things materialize..
Well.. During this time, the fate has a different set of challenges in front of them.. He gets married succumbing to parental & social pressure (ofcourse with adjacent King's daughter) and now has 2 kids… He doesn't have interest in his family life because this young girl still fills all his heart and never lets him sleep at night.. Yet he tries to convince himself by thinking of all the bad times he underwent with sivagami and tries to make himself believe that he loves his wife much more than he has ever loved Sivagami..

He is determined.. that he will find her and bring her back home and get her love back.. Yet putting all the if then else statements to rest….

Well. Now with our dear Sivagami.. She is still with the same enemy.. Not knowing the love of her life is married.. She still continues to love him more and more.. She is critical. She is judgemental…She doesn't dance that often. Her resolution dissolves and she continues to self-criticize herself for the vow once she made.. It feels to her now and again that the vow doesn't matter that much to her any more than to spend her life with the man she loves..

She is determined.. that her Prince will come and rescue her and they can live happily ever after..

Shivani is back to India after doing her MBA.. Forgetting all the past that she underwent, Shivani has gone to meet her guy..
The war is thrown and he rescues her.. She comes to know that he is married and the king has a heir..

She is now determined.. determined about her life than ever.. Sivagami finally decides to marry the almighty (which means she remains to stay single all her life).
That day and the following day.. and the rest of her life.. She danced and danced so beautifully and elegantly.. There are even rumours that even the god of dancing (Nataraj) came down to Earth to see her dance..

For the prince… He comes to know about her decision (probably through Facebook now).. When he saw her or when he thought about her (which he still does all the time).. All he could do was to shed a drop of tear (secretly!!)

PS: People who are wondering why I have the old Shore Temple pic of Mammallapuram here.. Its because, Sivagami’s prince was none other than the famous king “Mamallan” who belonged to Pallava dynasty who was behind the famous convergence of the stones into beautiful stone sculptures..

Photo taken and edited by me… 🙂