Having fun – The Indian way!


I just came across a saying that, “Indian parents tend to treat their kids as adults and adults as kids” (which is almost true btw 😉 )

Just a small illustration of this saying.. 🙂


<In Kinder Garden>

Tinku: Mom, When can I enjoy life?

Mom: Tinku, you can enjoy life when you become a big girl.

Tinku: Ok mom!


<In high school>

Tinku: Mom, I got 99 in Maths! Can I have fun now?

Mom: Where did the 1 mark go? You are grounded..

Tinku: 😦


<In college>

Mom: What’s happening to your grades?

Tinku: C’mon Mom. I am in college. I want to enjoy my life.

Mom: You can very well enjoy your life once you get a job. You can have all the fun you want. So focus on your study now!

Tinku: Ok mom!


❤ months in job>

Mom: Beta! What are doing with your salary. I am seeing that you are spending all your money off!

Tinku: C’mon mom. I am working now.. I am having the fun of my life time..

Mom: No Beta! You should understand the importance of money. Save money!

Tinku: Ok mom!


<2 years later>

Tinku: Mom. I am gonna go explore the world. I am gonna have fun!

Mom: Beta! Its high time you get married! Have fun with your husband! So, save money for your marriage.

Tinku: Ok mom!


<2 years later – Just married>

Mom: Beta! How are you? Howzurhusband?

Tinku: We both are having fun now. We just started exploring new places, tasting new cuisines. Its gonna be full fun.

Mom: Beta! Its high time you people get a house! Save money for that!

Tinku: Ok mom!


<Another 1 year later>

Mom: Its high time you have kids. Save money for your kids now!

Tinku: Ok mom!


<…. years later>

Tinku: Blah! Blah! Blah!

Mom: Save money!

Tinku: Ok mom!


<20 years later>

Tinku: My kids are grown now. Can I atleast have some fun now?

Mom: Beta! Save money for your grand children. So, you can have fun and enjoy with them! LOLZ! 🙂