Foodie Jan

Lately I had been really bored in my life.. Life has some how struck me hard to make me stick to the usual routine….
Well… sticking to the routine made me feel that I am really missing something in life……..

so, this year I took a different new year resolution altogether..
ie., To change my resolution once every month… 🙂 🙂

This was a pure test run.. And this whole month had been so fascinating…

My Resolution for Jan was Cooking

Basically to Cook an unknown dish ONCE in every week..

This experimental month multi folded my passion for cooking… Oh!! Man.. there are so many many types of food to eat.. 🙂
Well. I tried cooking only Indian, Italian & Continental recipes.. May be I should try my hand on other cuisines as well…

And to my surprise, there is a receipe site for my favourite Nutella as well..

Well.. I must admit to the fact that, I have started becoming so experimental in my cooking.. That I have never been before… 🙂

Well.. Now, I have a load of resolutions piled up for the upcoming months..

  • Learn a new language (Atleast to read, understand & blabber)
  • Write blog once in every week..
  • Read 1 book once in every week
  • Gardening
  • Physical fitness
  • Find a thing I never do and do that… 🙂
  • .. and much much more to go…
  • After all, who else can make our life more interesting??