CSAT (Lesson learnt)

Management concept:

ONE dissatisfied customer can turn off many prospective customers

I have come across this line so many times…
When ever I read either Harvard blogs or some of the management books, this above line is for sure there….

I have not given it a big thought unless it worked out for me…

Its been almost a year since I have disconnected my Tata Indicom Photon connection because of the poor customer service and their cranky billing model.

But still today, when ever some body talk abt taking a broadband or any type of internet connection… I couldn’t help the comparison of the Poor Tata Indicom connection.

The money I lost despite my too many followups with Tata would be just Rs.5k, but the number of prospective customers whom I turned down by giving my story would cost way around 1 Lakh..

And still the numbers are bound to increase…

Lesson learned…..