The Lost Symbol..

Ever since I finished the book “The Lost Symbol“, I have literally gone crazy on neotic science, mind power & the magic of thinking “BIG”!!

Neotic science as a branch of science is so fascinating and the excerpts of the books…. Wow… just awesome…

I must say this book has brought a real impact on me… Can’t believe how I had ever missed this book this long….
I especially loved the part, “Googling does not mean you research”!!

Truly, body as a machine is more complicated than any other machine in the world.. A comparison of the brain with the structure of the temple!! Wow.. Bind blowing!!

Who is God? What does Prayer do? Who answers my prayers?

Well Neotic science anwers all the above questions.. and much much more…
The answer seems pretty simple.. Focus on a single thought.. Your vision on making it happen..

Be it God or be it fate.. its just the dimension what you set!!

Its so sad that so much history is missed out… Or we dont bother to know about our history…

But as always..

History remains a mystery!!

Do this small experiment on yourself, if you wish to try out your mind power.. Tune your mind and set the alarm for the next day.. And you will see yourself perfectly awake at the right minute)