!(Fitness Freak)

When I tried a face book application to find what I was in the past, it told me that I was Einstein…

Not to deal with my old pride of E=MC2, I thought I will re-tap my skill of formula making… 😉

Formula for today is…

(A Fitness Freak=  clip_image002 (A Fitness Freak)


               clip_image002[7] (A Fitness Freak) =

                Whose clip_image002[11] turns green on seeing people who can

                be blown away by the wind

         + Who SMELL clip_image002[15] a chicken when they eat

                  a veggie

        + For who, the Pavlov’s effect clip_image002[17] turns true

                 when they hear a Cheese burst of Dominos or a Bucket

                 Chicken of KFC or a burger of McDonald’s

        + For whom, Fitness (Physical & Mental ) is always a 

         concept" and it lies in the back of their mind clip_image002[19]

       + For whom, JOGGING clip_image002[21]is one that always

                happen in their dream

       + For whom, the idea of weight lifting clip_image002[23]

                is carrying your laptop bag.