Scent of a book.

An old feeling newly felt.33-books

Opening a freshly printed book is always exciting. Right from school to now, whenever I open a new book, a different feeling just crosses me over.

Opening the book with full of excitement, wishing to know what the book has to say, Smelling the new print and opening the pages, cutting the side edges which are still sticked to each other.

Like it or not. Everybody is attached to a book by some way or the other. 
Getting a notebook with your favorite pic. (It doesn’t matter if you are Home_Photo_booksgonna cover your notebook or not!)  I have rejected so many notebooks just because it didn’t have an interesting cover page!

I somehow feel an old book is adulterated. I get a mixed feeling by opening an old book. Feelings of the people who have used the book earlier.

Opening an old book, you would see the markers people had created to indicate from where they have to continue next.
Some would have folded the edge slightly, some by folding half a page, some would have torn the paper just because thbooks-pileey hated it or liked it.

Give a book to somebody, you would  see some people turning the pages with love, some with hatred, some licking and opening.

But still even this damp smell gives a different feeling and a meaning!

Sitting on a window seat in a bus on the way back home, and just opened a newly printed magazine, fresh, with the same smell!

Fresh & ground just like a coffee, a book is to me!