I am getting bored!

“I am getting bored”

The sentence I hear the most in this English language.                                                                                                                                                                              Everybody in the world is ready to give me gyans, when I recite the word                                                                                                                                           (“Oh! C’mon ‘I am bored to say it again!” :))

Everybody tells me,

Love the work which you are doing, and you wont get bored. I love my job, but, I am bored.
Read some books, you wont get bored. I read books, I am still bored.
Listen to music, you wont get bored. I listened to music, I am still bored.
Browse the net, you wont get bored. I browsed, I am still bored.
Clean the house, you wont get bored. I cleaned my house, I am still bored.
Watch TV, you wont get bored. I watched TV, I am still bored.
Chat with somebody, you wont get bored. Nobody, is online, I am still bored.
Wash your clothes, you wont get bored. I washed, I am tired, I am still bored.
Sleep, you wont get bored. I slept, overslept, I am still bored!

And finally, a voice from heaven said,
Try a thing, that you have never done. Hmmm.. A useful advice finally.
So, what do I do?

Singing           Oops!  I dont want to scare ppl of b’lore
Dancing          No tremors plz 🙂
Stitching        Nope!  No way!!

Then, what else could I do??

Wait.  wait..   wait…

I knew it!!   I definitely knew it!

Let me try this one out!!  Let me try blogging.

And here comes my first blog which was born as a result of my excessive boredom 🙂