What’s the true meaning of Gayatri Mantra?

Be it Sani Peyarchi (Saturn Transit) or the Hanuman Jayanthi that happened in the past weeks, one thing is certain. A whatsapp forward that contains the Gayathri manthram for us to recite. This… Continue reading

Quiz: How much of an Hindu are you?

Every other day, we turn the pages to see anti-Hindu protests lined up for different set of issues. While it is definitely good on one hand, it is painfully difficult to see how… Continue reading

BJP Victory = Hinduism Victory?

BJP has won a victory again. With this, BJP has managed the Lotus to bloom in majority of India. The BJP supporters call this the victory of Hinduism whereas the non-supporters look at… Continue reading

What is Sani Peyarchi?

Today marks the day of  Saturn Transit (Sani Peyarchi  சனிப் பெயர்ச்சி). This means Saturn is transitioning from one zodiac to another. Around 5Lakhs of people are estimated to be in Thirunallar temple (a… Continue reading

Solving FakeNews Problem – The Indian way

  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them!” – Albert Einstein With this above quote as an ever-lasting truth, let us attempt to resolve the #FakeNews… Continue reading

Why 7 days in a week?

We work and slog for 5 days in a week to get the much deserved 2 days break. So many discussions on the permutations and combinations for an effective week schedule. With all… Continue reading

Why are our Gods stolen? – Part2

In the previous post, we eliminated that the idols are stolen not because of its Gold, So what else could it be? These God theives don’t just steal the Panchaloga statues (ஐம்பொன் சிலை),… Continue reading

Why are our Gods stolen? – Part1

  Every other day, as we turn the newspaper, we come across the idol theft (Silai kadathal in Tamil) that is happening in our country.  In just the past 2 months in tamilnadu, … Continue reading

I’m Jesus

A conversation with God. Ash: Hi Sam! I’m gonna tell you a little secret! “I’m Jesus” and I have come to see you. Sam: That’s funny. Ash: Why is it funny? Sam: Well!… Continue reading

The AI Monster

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. From the good old baristas to the top notch brain surgeons. AI’s are gonna be literally everywhere and they are gonna replace us all. Well! What does this… Continue reading